Sept 2019 Prop One Discussion

  • In this monthly meeting we focused on the merits of Proposition One - featuring the proposed new pool: the costs, estimated benefits and implications of a yes and no votes.

June 2019 - 175th Street Corridor Challenges

Check out this great video

April 2019 - the 185th Corridor

Very interesting presentation about how 185th will change, both east and west of I-5, in response to the forthcoming Light Rail station. Important decisions to be made regarding the number of lanes, and whether there should be a dedicated bus lane that would connect the Park&Ride(s) to the station. Huge changes coming. 

March 2019 - Local Environmental Realities

This evening's event, held in the Council Chambers, provided quite in depth, and informative insights about important realities concerning our very local natural environment. 

February 2019 - Chinese New Year

Great fun with about 45 people from the broader community. Many work for Amazon.  . . lots of great food and interesting discussions. 

January 2019 - Volunteer Appreciation Meeting

We enjoyed a great review of recent contributions by many members of our community, and expressed our enthusiastic appreciation for these efforts. 


Outdoor Movie Night

About 350 charming families enjoyed a great evening on a large field, with a blow up movie screen. . . Great fun. Games and face painting beforehand.